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A few of my favourite things … 1

I am going to do a series of some of my favourite Disney related things that you can do, see, shop and participate in online!

I am starting off today with my new favourite Disney Podcast and that is the fabulous IMDO Podcast which is hosted by Mark.

IMDO logo

The format of this new podcast is a radio show, featuring the most wide ranging (and sometimes obscure) Disney music. Combined with interactive call in’s from Disney fans all over the world to share their ‘Disney Opinion’ which can sometimes result in a healthy debate and occasionally just descends into hilarious chaos in the case of ‘sausage gate’

I myself have called in to the show and despite being very nervous to start with it was a really fun experience and one that I am still getting stick for now. So if you have been listening and are considering calling in to share your ‘Disney Opinion’ Do it!

You can listen to the historic footage at Awdio and that is also where you can listen live to the podcast when its broadcasting! There is even an Awdio App that you can download to your smartphone.

If you want to know when upcoming shows are scheduled to be or even ask any questions to Mark, the host then you can find him on twitter @IMDOPodcast or find him on Facebook here

Alyssa xxx

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