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Disney Plus Size Wish List – USA edition 

Plus Size Disney clothing in the U.K. Is near impossible to find (unless you want Jammies – but who wants to wear Jammies in public?!) so I am addicted to window shopping the US sites. Forever hoping to catch the 50% off international shipping days!

I thought that you might like to see the items I am lusting after at the moment, let’s start with Torrid.

Ariel Dress – Torrid

Snow White Dress – Torrid

Miss Piggy Tee – Torrid

Wicked Sweater – Torrid

💜 Ursula Dress 💜 – Torrid

OUAT Regina Dress – Torrid

Now let’s move on to Hot Topic …

Lilo Dress – Hot Topic

Baymax Vest Top – Hot Topic

Belle Rose Dress – Hot Topic

Cheshire Cat Dress – Hot Topic

Villains dress – Hot Topic

Storm Trooper Dress – Hot Topic

I think that’s more than enough to give you an idea of what’s available!

Both websites offer 50% off international shipping occasionally, if you are signed up to their mailing list then you will be informed when that offer comes around. Please do be aware that you are likely to be hit with customs charges though – which can be just as much as the 50% you saved on shipping!

What clothing collections are you loving that are available at the moment?

Lots of Love

Alyssa XX

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