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Plus Size Disney Clothes – The UK edition.

I have been searching around to see where we can buy Disney clothes in plus sizes in the UK and have been sorely disappointed.

Most ranges go up to a size 14-16 at most and some of the items that do go up larger, are quite frankly ugly.

I’ve put together what I have found available to buy in the UK right now. For comparison, I’ll be blogging what’s available to buy in the US at the moment tomorrow.


At the moment Evans are offering Free Delivery if you spend over £50! Use code FREE50 at checkout.

Minnie New York T shirt – Asda (up to a size 24) Thumper Hoody – Asda (up to a size 18) Minnie Fleece – Asda (up to a size 22)


Asda probably has the best variety and they are reasonably priced too.

ASOS do have some cool Disney accessories which I’ll be blogging about tomorrow, in the Curve section though there is just this cute top …


Donald and Daisy Sweatshirt – ASOS Curve (up to a size 28)

Mickey Mouse T Shirt – Yours Clothing (up to size 30-32)


Yours clothing also has a selection of Disney Couture items but unfortunately the largest size in those is a 16.

A pretty sorry state of affairs, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Do you know a brand that I’ve missed out? Let me know below!

Alyssa xx

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