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Silk Painting

Silk painting is one of my absolute favourite crafts to do. It is a challenging painting medium and getting good results can be a bit hit or miss on occasion but I think that’s why I love it so much.


When silk painting goes right it is one of the most vibrant and effective painting styles you can create. The products that I personally use are all iron fixed and once that has been done can be washed and worn over and over again without compromising the design or vibrancy of what I have created.

My silk painting process starts with designing my product on paper. I have various sized pads that I work with, occasionally I draw the entire design on one large sheet but more often than not, I draw out the individual components and then trace them into the design where I want them. This gives me the flexibility to change designs if I want to and also means that no two designs are exactly the same, which is a factor I really enjoy about my creations.



I have included some pictures of some of my finished designs, what do you think?




What is your favourite craft?

Do you have a store I can visit? I always love to support other artists.

Alyssa xx

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