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The Disneyland Paris Tag

♡ The Disneyland Paris Tag ♡ I was tagged by Primcess @shawneepatient to do the Disneyland Paris tag which I understand was created by the lovely Ellie – who’s youtube channel you should really check out!

1. When was your first trip and how many times have you been?

My first trip to Disneyland Paris was only last year in 2014. I have been 3 times since then and have 2 more trips planned and am hoping to pop over for the Xmas season for a night or so!

2. What Disney hotels have you stayed in? One you haven’t stayed in that you’d liked too?

Newport Bay, Cheyenne and Santa Fe. I’m booked in New York in Novemeber and the Disneyland Hotel in April. I’m SO EXCITED about staying in the Disneyland hotel it is unreal.

3. What’s your favourite restaurant?

Calofornia Grill. Hands down. I am fat, I like my food and the food here is SENSATIONAL!!

4. A restaurant you’d like to eat in that you haven’t yet?

Auberge de Cendrillon – so I’ve booked it for my Nov trip!!

5. What’s your favourite quick service/fast food?

Earl of Sandwich!! 😍

6. What’s your favourite shop?

World of Disney in the Disney Village, though I usually pop in on the way back to the hotel and I’m shattered and end up impulse buying everything! Haha!

7. What’s your favourite season or event?

Swing into Spring. I love it. The colours, the music, the entertainment, it is my happy place.

8. Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios?

Disneyland Park.

9. What’s your favourite ride in each park?

Phantom Manor in Disneyland Park

Tower of Terror in Studios

10. What’s your favourite land in the Disneyland Park?

Fantasyland! I’ve managed to meet the Tweedles there every trip and meeting Alice in Wonderland characters makes me happy!

11. What’s your favourite character meet?

I really don’t know!! I love the set up for the Sandy Claws meet and the Merida meet and greet was amazing too. You can’t meet EMH though! I was walking through Main Street on my last trip first thing and no one was with Chip and Dale and they both ran and jumped on me! That was pretty fab!

12. What’s your best character meet and greet experience? Meeting the Cheshire Cat at Inventions at Easter this year! I was bounding as Chesh and he clocked me as I walked in the restaurant and gave me a huge hug! He came back and saw us twice more during the meal and I have magical pictures! 💜💖💜💖

13. What’s your happiest or best Disneyland Paris memory?

I make happy memories each and every time I go. My first trip there was magical as I didn’t think I’d ever go as I had no one to go with and a very special person took me! Now I will happily go alone & my next trip I’m taking a friend that has never been before!

I tag everyone that wants to do it! Would love to hear your answers!

What are your favourite things to do at Disneyland Paris? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @Queen_Ursula_uk

Alyssa xxx

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